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From preparation… to fabrication…  to quality control… to shipping… Contract Decor International’s many years of experience are reflected in each detail of the manufacturing and delivery of your draperies.  We understand that great results can only be achieved if each step is executed perfectly and the entire process is managed correctly.
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Before a single piece of fabric is cut in our factory, we pay painstaking attention to every detail to ensure that your products are fabricated properly. Whether you have five windows or 5,000, we field measure each one of them individually. This ensures that the finished product fits properly, with the appropriate tolerances. Also, before production begins, we make prototypes for review in our factory showroom, in a model room, in your office, or via the Internet. By doing this, we iron out any potential problems before production begins, and also give you the opportunity to make any changes before you see the product in the guestroom.